Work Permit in Vietnam is an official document that is issued by Vietnamese competent authority gives permission to someone who is foreign to work in Vietnam for a particular period. For being issued Work Permit, foreign workers must obey some conditions in Labour Code of Vietnam.

The conditions contain:

  1. The worker is capable of civil acts as prescribed by law.
  2. The worker’s health is fit for working.
  3. The worker is a manager, chief executive officer, expert or technician.
  4. The worker is not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution in accordance with the Vietnam law and the foreign country’s law.
  5. The employment of the foreign worker is approved in writing by a state competent authority.

(Article 9 Section 3 Decree no 11/2016/ND-CP detailed regulation on implementing a number of articles of the Labour Code regarding foreign workers in Vietnam)

Compulsory dossiers applied for Work Permit

  1. Passport and Visa which are unexpired in accordance with the law: approving the worker is a person who is capable of civil acts
  2. The health certificate or report on medical examination which is issued by the foreign or Vietnamese authorized health organizations or agencies and takes effect within 12 months from the signing date of conclusion of health status to the date of application
  3. The criminal record or written certification that the foreign worker is not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution issued by the foreign competent authority. It must be issued within 06 months prior to the submission of the application.
  4. The written certification that the worker is a manager, chief executive officer, expert or technician.
  • Enterprise managers is the manager of the company or manager of sole proprietorship, who is either an owner of a sole proprietorship, a general partner, the Chairpersons of the Board of members, a member of the Board of members, the company’s President, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, a member of the Board of Directors, the Director/General Director, or a person holding another managerial position who is entitled to enter into the company’s transactions on behalf of the company according to the company’s charter.
  • Chief executive officers are the heads who directly manage subordinate units of agencies, organizations or enterprises.
  • Technicians are workers who had undergone training in technique or other majors for at least 01 year and have worked for at least 03 years in their training fields.
  1. 02 color pictures (4cm x 6cm, white background, frontal face, bareheaded and no colorful glasses) that are taken within 06 months ahead of the date of application.
  2. Practice Certificate (for special jobs, such as Doctor, Lawyer,..)
  3. Documents above must be translated in Vietnamese, notarized and applied for consular legalization if they are issued or written
  4. Written approvals on the employment of the foreign workers

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  2. Drafting dossiers
  3. Consulting for clients to prepare necessary documents
  4. Implementing procedures at competent authorities
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